Employee Advocacy & You
Your employees have a critical role to play in your company’s digital transformation. An effective employee advocacy (EA) program should address the needs of both the company and end users, in order to facilitate successful implementation.
Business Needs
Your employee advocacy program should enable you to track lead and traffic generation, and achieve measurable ROI. It should also facilitate content organization for different purposes and, if relevant, a social selling element should incorporated. The platform should allow you to define relevant metrics, and make data-powered business decisions that inform communication strategies.
Operational Needs
An employee advocacy platform should cater to specific organizational requirements such as control and governance, allow complex organizations to manage access and operational transparency through multi-level admin rights, and offer a cloud-based solution to ensure speedy and secure deployments. Content aggregation should be multi-source and wide-scoped, addressing various use-cases.
Engagement Needs
An employee advocacy platform should facilitate ease of use for administrators and users, with an adaptable user journey and personalized content. Engagement features such as gamification, calls to action and customized newsletters should be incorporated, as should return-use mechanisms and designated communication initiatives. These features should be adapted to each stage of deployment and post-launch.
"Advocacy tools can help empower not only advocates, but HR staff as well as employees looking to share powerful content about the organization."
Market Guide for Social Marketing Management, Gartner
Employee Advocacy Tools
Careful consideration in terms of tooling is vital to the creation, launch and success of an employee advocacy program. Certain SaaS solutions can assist through all the vital points along the journey - from assessing and refining your needs, to constructing and streamling your program.
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The Employee Advocacy & Engagement Platform

Sociabble is a software solution that has been developed to address enterprise-specific needs relating to employee advocacy, internal communication and social selling. The Sociabble platform can be embedded into client ecosystems and offers customizable functionalities that boost and maintain employee engagement. To learn more about Sociabble, visit the website.

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Sociabble Clients
Microsoft, Sage, PwC, BNP Paribas, Total and many others have chosen Sociabble for their employee advocacy and engagement needs.

“Sociabble has enabled people to gain access to content that’s maybe not in their direct remit, but that they can share with their clients in order to drive cross-selling.” - Alex Rapallo, Digital Marketing Specialist, Misys

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