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New to the concept of employee advocacy? Interested in an employee advocacy platform? Here are some of the most pertinent resources on the topic, created by Sociabble.
Case Studies
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Discover how companies such as Microsoft, PwC and Sage are embracing social business by launching employee advocacy programs.
  • Misys


    Misys launches Sociabble, putting employees at the heart of internal communication.

    BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises launches a social selling program focused on sales enablement and thought leadership.

  • Sage


    Sage launches a global employee advocacy program in just 24 hours, empowering employees on social media with Sociabble.



    Scala launches employee advocacy with Sociabble, boosting website traffic by 30%.



    Groupama launches an advocacy program for employees and key company stakeholders, with Sociabble.

  • Microsoft


    Microsoft launches employee advocacy for 17 000 people in over 40 countries, with Sociabble.

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