About the Employee Advocacy Score

What makes a great company culture? What can companies do to create a culture that works for them and that is sustainable? And once a company culture has been established, how can it be expressed internally among employees and externally among relevant audiences? The Employee Advocacy Score, sponsored by Sociabble, is a unique way to discover the true value of employee advocacy – a highly effective way of turning your most vital assets into your most powerful advocates.
Our Methodology
The Employee Advocacy Score is the ultimate tool for gauging the relationship between internal employee engagement and online visibility. Created by Sociabble, the leading employee advocacy platform, the Employee Advocacy Score uses employee metrics and social listening tools to determine a score between 0 and 100.

What’s taken into account for your score?

The methodology behind the Employee Advocacy Score is based on measuring numerous aspects of companies’ public information and social network data, in order to determine how powerful their employees are as advocates. The score includes data points on company employees who are active on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as their level of engagement with the company on those networks in the form of company mentions and key words related to their industry. We also include metrics on CEO activity on LinkedIn and Twitter, and their level of engagement on those social networks. This information is then added to our custom algorithm, in order to calculate their Employee Advocacy Score. Scores are standardized in order to account for company size. The higher a company’s employee engagement and advocacy level, the higher the Employee Advocacy Score.

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