About Employee Advocacy
"Our employees are the day-to-day superheroes for the brand."
Gabrielle Mendes, Director of Digital, Marketing & Communication, PwC France

Why Is Employee Advocacy Relevant for Businesses?

ROI has generally been quantified based on the impact of business initiatives on bottom-line lead generation and sales revenue. The increasingly critical role of social networks on this bottom-line has allowed companies to further quantify ROI in terms of leads and traffic generated as a result of online communication strategies, such as employee advocacy. Employee advocacy has, in fact, proven itself to be an efficient method for promoting brand messages, amplifying content, and establishing brand presence and relevance in the social media sphere.

Employee advocacy also plays a vital organizational role: it has impacted the way businesses communicate with their employees, changing the employer-employee relationship dynamic. Companies embracing these new communication strategies are managing to build stronger relationships among teams and divisions, which gives employees a higher sense of company involvement, affecting levels of engagement and overall work satisfaction.

Embracing employee advocacy through the incorporation of training programs and the integration of new technology has not only brought internal and external communication to a new level; it has served as a catalyst to usher in digital transformation by addressing the human and training needs involved in preparing a workforce to address the needs of future clients.

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Your Most Valuable Assets

People are undoubtedly a company’s most valuable asset, especially in today’s digitally connected world. Employee advocacy is about putting people at the heart of every organizational touchpoint; empowering employees to share business and industry expertise is a sure way to maximize both employee and audience engagement.

Your Most Important Advocates

Advocates convey trust among connections, and are an integral part of an online content marketing strategy. The content shared by advocates is viewed with higher levels of trust, impacting both the rate of conversion and click-through on shared content.
"Employees are sharing socially. For many, the divide between work and personal lives barely exists. For employers, the opportunity and challenge is to embrace this new reality and understand what drives employees to be positive activists."
Employees Rising: Seizing the Opportunity in Employee Activism, Weber Shandwick & KRC Research
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“Not only do people favor personal recommendations over company recommendations, but engaging a community of ambassadors drives credibility, and advocacy is a great way of spreading key messages on social media.” - Amanda Greenhoe, Social Media Manager, Calvin College

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